About Us

The Joyful Noise Homeschool Band is a homeschool band run on Christian principles, meeting weekly on Fridays at Sandy Plains Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. The Joyful Noise Homeschool Band originated in the heart of our founder and program director, Susan Davis. Wanting a musical education for her own children, Susan soon realized that there weren’t many opportunities for home-educated children to participate in a concert band. After much prayer, she decided to form the Joyful Noise Homeschool Band. A director was hired, and the first year began with a handful of excited students.

The Marching Saints is a ministry to home-educated students and their families, who in turn minister to others through the gift of music. Even with all of our expenses, the band is committed to being affordable for homeschooling families. Susan’s vision that no home-educated child should miss out on the experience of music because it isn’t available or affordable continues to guide the band’s policies.

JNHSB students and their families are grateful to the Davis family for their prayers, vision and sacrifice, without which this music ministry would not exist.

What do we do?

The Joyful Noise Marching Saints perform at football game halftime shows, parades, festivals and occasionally local charity events.

Halftime Shows

During the football game, The Saints play exciting stand tunes to keep the crowd excited and the team pushing back! Next, the marching band entertains the crowd at halftime with a field show. Each year our field show has a different theme. We have marched themes from circus to space to spy games, and yet another was a crusade theme of right and wrong and sacrifice. Each year it is exciting to see what our directors come up with. They're very creative, and each different section in the band is showcased during the performance. Color Guard, Majorettes, Drumline and Windline are all important to our performances!

The Jr. Pep Band is composed of younger students, who complement the marching band playing the songs in the stands at football games. They are wonderful young people learning about marching band for the very first time.


The Marching Saints performs in 2 to 4 local parades each year. We start with a Spring Parade just to get everyone excited after our spring Rookie Camp in March. It's exciting to see how much we've learned in such a short time. We march again in the fall, then finish up with a Christmas Parade at the start of December.

Festivals and Competition

We generally participate in two festivals or competitions each fall. Each is designed to give us feedback on our performances. Judges' comments help the directors know what areas we have mastered and give suggestions on areas that could improve our marching. It's a great day to get together with our band buddies and see many other marching bands of different sizes and styles perform their shows. We get awards based on how we perform, and we've consistently earned "Excellent" and "Superior" ratings! Regardless of how we fall in the competition, we always strive to do our personal best and have a great time!